Summers here!!

As the summer approaches its important to think about how working in hot temperatures could affect your workplace and indeed your employees. Although rare, there are times when the great british weather surprises us with high temperatures.

However, there is no maximum temperature when it comes to working in a heat wave in the UK.  A working environment should be considered ‘reasonable’.

Common sense and good working practices should make for a good working environment during a time of sky high temperatures.

You could consider open windows at the beginning of the workday, close blinds/curtains and investing in some fans or air conditioning units.

While employers are under no obligation to relax their dress code or uniform requirements, you could consider changes to the normal working attire (within reason to the employees’ role).

Employees should remain respectful of their own environment when it comes to dressing for work but remaining cool.

You should encourage your employees to drink more fluids during higher temperatures to avoid dehydration.

If a role requires someone to be outside, it is the employee’s responsibility to consider sun protection.

It’s rare that we enjoy such fantastic weather here in the UK-  so much so were not equipped in our homes or workplaces, but being responsible, respectful and sensible means that we all get to enjoy it while it lasts!

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